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CFORCE 1000 Service Kit



£71.14 GBP Inc. VAT

All about the CFORCE 1000 Service Kit

A great all in one service kit allowing you to extend the longevity of your vehicle. Your air filter is the only thing stopping dirt getting in to your engine and needs regularly changing as it collects dust and dirt particles.

Your oil is the life blood of the engine, lubricating the moving parts. Old oil circulating the system increases wear and tear which leads to failure. Fresh oil is far better for lubrication and using high quality oil will increase the longevity of your vehicle.

The CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 Service Kit Includes:

  • Air Filter
  • 2 x Spark Plug
  • Oil Filter and Seal
  • 4 Litres 10W40 OEM Grade Oil

A full service kit with OEM parts to replace the ones on your CFMOTO quad. The widely recommended SAE 10W-40 viscosity range ensures reliable winter and summer use with easy start and rapid warm up, while providing vital anti-wear protection during the cold start phase.

Benefits of using genuine CFMOTO OEM parts to service your quad are:

  • Up to 11% Fuel Savings

  • Up to 3% Improved Power

  • Up to 18% Lower Oil Consumption

  • Reduced Engine Wear