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A large range of sports quad bikes, we have parts for any and all types of Quadzilla bikes available via our website. Here's a taste of the most popular models we can service:

SPORT Series

The 400 and the 450 SPORT are two automatic CVTs, with the 400 being perfect for road use and the 450 housing a liquid cooled 448cc engine. They're both high performance vehicles, and we have all the spare parts you could need for them. 


A road legal sports quad, the AEON COBRA 400 is both fully automatic and an award winning vehicle. Comfortable to use and easy to handle, thanks to front shock absorbers, this is a great sports vehicle. 


A powerful sports auto CVT, and the most powerful on the UK market, the CVT320 is a vehicle we stock spare parts widely for. This model is user friendly and affordable.  

Cheetah 150

A big buggy that's great for teenage drivers, the Cheetah 150 is fast and colourful, reaching a speed of almost 50mph. Designed with storage solutions and safety in mind. 


Carrying a 50cc engine, the BUZZ 50 is a safety vehicle, and this bike model is a good starter for anyone. Make sure you find certified spare parts to match. 

MIDI Series

We stock parts for both the MIDI BUG and the MIDI RV 150; the former is a great junior bike designed for fun, and the latter is a great handling vehicle in all conditions. 


Made for experienced roadsters only, the PROSHARK 100S, PROSHARK APEX RMX 100, and the PROSHARK RMX are high powered, affordable vehicles. Check out our available parts range for them. 

QZ Series

Great ATV models, the QZ150, QZ300, and the QZR80 have a variety of assembly parts on offer. Road legal and lightweight, these bikes are great for safety concerned families. 

R Series

A traditional and simple long model line, including the R100, RL 500, RS6/TERRAIN 600, RS6 LWB/TERRAIN 600 LWB, and the RS8 are all great upgrades on each other. We fully stock spare parts for all of them. 


A kid's quad bike, the SPIDER 110 is built to be fun and easy to use for even the most inexperienced of drivers, thanks to safety features and a reinforced frame. We carry a wide range of spare parts to ensure this. 


Another in the kid's quad line, and one we have a full range of assembly parts for, the STINGER 100 is a great starter bike for teens that have outgrown all other models. Made to be comfortable for growing limbs. 

WOLF Series

The WOLF JUNIOR and the WOLF XL are both go karts for kids. Packed with safety features, these quads are great for young beginners in the racing world. 

XLC Bikes

We also have parts for both the XLC 300/STINGER 300 and the XLC500E. Wide, comfortable vehicles great for both off and on road use, both models can reach top speeds.