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WK Bikes

WK Bikes are reliable, quality builds, and they're worth looking after. So if you're looking for spare parts, including engine parts, for your WK Bike, we provide for all kinds of models - we even have general service kits available to all WK Bike owners. We're very proud of our collection; just take a quick look through the top selection of what we offer below:

125C EFI

A clear sports style contender, parts for this WK bike are some of our most popular products. A bike that comes with stellar fuel economy and a high engine performance, it's a shot above many other bikes on this list - make sure you take a look at our engine assembly parts, to keep that BOSCH fuel injection system in good condition. 

125 Series

Parts for the 125 SPORT, the 125R, the 125RR, and the 125RT are all available through our website. Good street bikes, these models are great for commuting and general use, meaning their parts can break down quickly after regular use. A strong, economical series of bikes, WK has excelled in creating viable competition against both European and Japanese manufactures. 

650I and 650TR

Great for touring, we stock parts for both the 650I and 650TR models of bike. As middle-weight, water cooled bikes, with their engines based on Chinese manufacturing, these two bikes are great for first timers looking to get into racing sports. Be sure to look into our range of frame and engine parts if you have plans like this. 

G Bikes

We stock a full range of parts for the GO50, the GP125, the GP2, and the GTR300 models, all of which are popular amongst casual commuters looking for a reliable and powerful scooter. The GO50 alone is a wonder; with a four stroke engine, and any and all replacement parts covered under our 2 year warranty, G Bikes are a great start for amateurs. 

Jetmax 250

As a large scooter model, made to be a comfortable drive, the Jetmax 250 is well serviced by our team. With a strong frame and a four cylinder, powerful engine, this model is good for both street driving and more long haul trips. Be sure to pick up spare parts for both engine assembly and frame repairs from our dedicated page. 

MII 50

A smaller type of scooter, the MII 50 is a great beginner bike for both teenagers and young adults. Retailing at under £1000, this bike is cheap to own, especially due to how prevalent spare parts and repairs are for it. Packed with an eye catching design, in part due to its bright colouring, the MII 50 also has worthy storage solutions. 

Legend 125

The Legend 125 is a modern bike that comes with a wonderfully retro twist design, and that's something no bike owner would want to lose. As such, our warehouse is readily stocked with replacement parts for the Legend 125; the large tires included in the design are the most eye catching element, this bike is both manoeuvrable and comfortable. 

COLT 50 and COLT 125

The COLT 50 and the COLT 125 are two strong and stable bikes, and we provide plenty of parts for both their engines and frames. The 50cc is a great bike for anyone looking to learn to drive, with an easy upgrade to the 125, and both feature designer lattice frames. With an affordable starting price, these are two very popular options. 


We also stock parts for both the BELLISSIMA 50 and the BELLISSIMA 125 bikes; retro styled and perfect for anyone who enjoyed the bikes of the 70s and 80s, these are two reliable vehicles. Both bikes were fast sellers, proving their popularity on UK roads. A notable Vespa design, both bikes come with Lambretta-esque panelling that you'll want to take care of. 

SP Series

The SP50 and the SP125 are two great, traditional bikes in the sports category, later followed by the SP125N and the SP250N respectively. With features such as aluminium wheels and sports displays, we can easily provide replacement parts for even the more delicate of this model series' robust elements. The braking capacity alone makes for a very smooth, touring ride. 

Tomcat 125

One of WK Bikes' most notorious model upgrades, the Tomcat 125 was designed with the Suzuki VanVan in mind. With a low seat that makes it a great bike for manoeuvring on roads, the Tomcat can also be fitted with the national flag of your choice. Make sure you have the right spare parts for maintaining this bike's iconic look. 

TRAIL Series

In the TRAIL series, the two bike models are made to work in tandem, with the TRAIL 125 being immediately followed by the TRAIL 400 for a more experienced ride. The former is a great starter bike, being both easy to maintain and repair, and great for both grass and tarmac terrains. Both bikes are keyed for high performance. 

TTR 125

The TTR 125 is a great bike for younger, completely inexperienced drivers, such as teenagers, and is good for dirt roading on a casual basis. Make sure your teen learns how to take care of their bike by surfing through the assembly parts we have available for this model. With a powerful engine and a controlled speed setting, this bike has great safety features. 

VS50 and VS125

Another bike series that's good for the retro lovers, both the VS50 and the VS125 are classically styled for casual use. The colouring of both bikes is wonderfully intense! With a great storage capacity in the rear, as well as a dual seat, these are both great bike models for couples or families.


WASP 50 and WASP 125

The WASP series bikes are sporty in function and nature. The WASP 50 comes in two styles - the earlier and later version, and we can supply parts for both. The WASP 125 is a wonderful evolution of its predecessor, with a more ergonomic design and a more powerful engine for those who want it.