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GTR 300

  • Gtr300 Front Wheel Assembly

  • Gtr300 Windshield Cover - Meter Housing

  • Gtr300 Main Gas - Oil Fuel Path Connection System

  • Gtr300 Electrical Devices - Main Cable Assembly

  • Gtr300 Water Tank Bracket-Radiator Cover - Water Tank-Front Panel Inner Heat Insulation Rubber - Antifreeze Solution

  • Gtr300 Under Link - Board Assembly - Front L&R Shock Absorber Assembly - Rear Shock Absorber Assembly - Front Liquid Brake Pump Tube Clip - Speedometer Stay Wire Clip - Rear Liquid Brake Pump Tube Clip

  • Gtr300 Tool Case Assembly - Pedal Plate Assembly

  • Gtr300 Tool Assembly

  • Gtr300 Stay Wire Assembly

  • Gtr300 Seating Washer Assembly - Glove Compartment

  • Gtr300 Rear Wheel Assembly

  • Gtr300 Rear Set Masrer Assembly

  • Gtr300 Rear Fender Assembly - Rear Licence Lamp Assembly - Rear Licence Bracket

  • Gtr300 Meter Assembly

  • Gtr300 Main Frame System

  • Gtr300 Luggage Carrier Assembly

  • Gtr300 Garbage Case Cover Before - L&R Decoratve Sheet - Rear Decoratve Sheet

  • Gtr300 Front Wheel Fender - Rear Wheel Fender

  • Gtr300 Front Wall Fender - Front Wall Fender Ventilation Gate - Frame Bottom Fender Assembly

  • Gtr300 Front Set Masrer Assembly

  • Gtr300 Front Panel Style - Front Panel Bottom Panel - Front Wall - Front L&R Direction Indicator Lamp Assembly

  • Gtr300 Front Headlamp Assembly

  • Gtr300 Exhaust Muffler Assembly - Connection Plate Assembly

  • Gtr300 Burglar Alarm Assembly

  • Gtr300 Air Cleaner Assembly

  • Gtr300 Noose Assembly - Storage Battery Assembly - Electrolyte Assembly

  • Gtr300 Handle Pipe - L&R Grip - Rearview Mirror Assembly - Throttle Fixed Assembly

GTR 300

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GTR 300
4 stroke 300cc scooter