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Well made and affordable, CFMOTO Bikes are a big deal in the ATV world. As such, we've committed to providing as many new, spare parts for both the engine and frame of your CFMOTO bike. Here's a quick look into our selection of parts currently available:

NK Series

The 200NK, the 300NK, the 400NK, and the 600NK are evolved designs created for the modern world. Coming in with lightweight bikes, the NK series are surprisingly heavy hitters in the biking world. Sporty, comfortable, and economical in all aspects, these four bikes are incredibly popular, and are well serviced by our spare parts website.



A wonderfully speedy 300cc bike, the 300SR is ready made for sports racing. Being comfortable to ride for long periods of time, this bike is a good step up from a 125cc model for any beginner racer. Known for handling well, make sure your 300SR never goes out of style by checking out the spare parts we have available for it. 


A great safety vehicle, good for those who are maybe nervous drivers, the 650MT comes ready equipped with crash bars and wind deflectors. A very steady ride, thanks to fuel stabilisers and the injection system, make sure you find ready made, suitable spare parts for repairs via our website. 

GT Series

The 400GT and the 650GT are two very good touring motorcycles, coming with two very high powered engines respectively. The 650GT is a good step-up from the 650MT, as it comes with a BOSCH fuel injection system, making it a worthy contender for long haul drives. And we have all the spare parts you'd need to manage such journeys time after time.