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Cheetah 150

  • Cheetah 150 FIG 17 Frame Including Plastic Fenders & Mudguards

  • Cheetah 150 FIG 19 Suspension Arm Assy

  • Cheetah 150 FIG 26 Brake Assembly

  • Cheetah 150 FIG 25 Wire Harness and Electrical

  • Cheetah 150 FIG 20 Rear Cargo, Seat and Harness

  • Cheetah 150 FIG 24 Rear Housing

  • Cheetah 150 FIG 23 Engine, Muffler and Air Cleaner

  • Cheetah 150 Service Kit

  • Cheetah 150 FIG 21 Rear Swing Arm Assembly Upper

  • Cheetah 150 FIG 18 Steering Shaft Assy

  • Cheetah 150 FIG 22 Rear Swing Arm

  • Cheetah 150 FIG 27 Warning Stickers Assembly

Cheetah 150

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Cheetah 150

The bigger sized buggy suitable for teens. Unique custom Quadzilla graphics, brand new to the UK.

This rev and go engine with reverse kicks out 8.2hp, with a top speed of 43.5mph. The Cheetah 150 is equipped with reverse, electric start, all wheel fenders, canopy top, two side bars, hydraulic brakes and a rear cargo rack.