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Owner's Review : CFORCE 520 EPS (Terrain 520S Spec)

Posted by QuadzillaQuads Admin on

Jim Campbell, the proud owner of a red Quadzilla & CFMOTO Terrain spec CFORCE 520 EPS said:

"In October 2016 my Wife and I took on the tenancy of a small hill farm in the heart of the Lake District. We took on 350 Swaledale and North Country Chivots. With the size of the farm we have to run it with minimal machinery. Which meant we needed a good Quad bike and a decent team of dogs." 

Jim continued: "when it came to the quad I only had two requirements, reliability and the peace of mind of a long parts and labour warranty. We looked at all the main brands of quad and they were fine but as a new business with limited capital they were just too far out of our budget. I then went to Mark Lancaster at Courtfield ATV Services who had mentioned the Quadzilla range. Having had a quick demo we ordered the first 520S he had. Eight months on it is a decision we have not regretted."

"The bike is used every day and has never missed a beat. We have a varied terrain across the farm from rocky limestone pavements to boggy peat land on the high fell which rises to 2500 feet, and the bike takes it all on its stride. We tow a medium sized swale dale trailer behind the quad which will take 5 ewes which the bike pulls without complaint."

"What the 520 has given us is the reliability we wanted and the peace of mind of the two year parts and labour warranty but at an affordable price. Having driven all of the leading brands of quads, I struggle to see what they give me that the Quadzilla does not."

We have already spoken to Courtfield and we will be ordering another Quadzilla in 12 months time.

> Jim has since upgraded to the CFORCE 550 EPS (long wheel base, Terrain spec).